4 Ways to Get Rid of Unsightly Tree Stumps

March 4, 2022

Nothing is quite as unsightly as a tree stump in your yard. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can also be a hazard. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of tree stumps in your yard, we’ve got four different methods for you to try. Apex Tree Experts is here to help. In this blog, we’ll discuss four different stump removal methods and which one is the most effective.

tree stump

Dig It Out (Not Recommended)

If you enjoy intense manual labor, digging out a tree stump is always an option. Most people don’t consider this option mostly because it requires a lot of elbow grease—you’ll need to dig up the area surrounding the stump to expose the stump’s root system. After cutting the roots up into smaller pieces, you’ll eventually reach a point where the stump can be pried out of the ground using a shovel or another tool. While it is possible, this option is not recommended because it can be very time-consuming and difficult, not to mention the damage you can do to your yard in the process.

tree stump on fire

Burn It (Not Recommended)

Another stump removal method that is possible, but not recommended, involves burning the stump out of the ground. This can be achieved by first drilling holes into the stump and then filling each of those holes up with kerosene or another flammable substance. After giving it time to soak in, light a fire at the top of one of the holes and let it burn a point where the stump is completely burned out of the ground. While this method is possible, we do not recommend it as there are many issues that can occur throughout the process such as smoke inhalation and doing damage to your yard.

tree stump

Use Chemicals

Some people utilize special chemicals in their DIY stump removal approach. These chemicals can be found at your local hardware store and work by essentially breaking down the stump into mush, making it easy to dig out of the ground after a few weeks or months. While removing tree stumps with chemicals is possible, we do not recommend it because it not only takes a while, but you may also end up killing other plants in your yard as well as harming any pets or wildlife that come into contact with the chemicals.

tree stump grinder

Hire a Stump Grinding Company

The stump grinding method is by far the most effective and quickest way to remove a tree stump from your yard. Stump grinding companies utilize powerful machinery that quickly grinds away the stump, leaving little evidence that it was ever there in the first place Best of all, the process can be done in a matter of minutes—you won’t need to worry about taking an entire day out of your schedule to get the stump removed. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and affordable stump removal solution, hiring a stump grinding company, such as Apex Tree Experts, is the way to go.

You don’t have to live with an enormous stump lurking in your yard. Apex Tree Experts is proud to offer effective stump grinding services that will remove the stump in minutes, without any of the hassle or risks associated with other DIY stump removal methods. Contact us today for a free quote!