Is Your Tree Healthy Coming Out Of Winter?

March 2, 2022

Winter in the Pacific Northwest always packs a punch and can leave the vegetation, plants, and trees on your property needing some serious TLC and warm sunshine. As the Gig Harbor, WA area moves out of winter and into the spring season, our Apex Tree Experts arborists are providing homeowners with a few tips to help their trees continue growing. It’s time to assess the situation of “is my tree healthy?” and to determine what kind of season spring tree trimming is needed to ensure more healthy growth. Apex Tree Experts is dedicated to helping individuals prolong the life of larger plants on their properties by providing care tips, tree trimming, and tree pruning services; no matter what issue you may suspect is plaguing your trees, we can help you manage it! Today on our blog, we have some ways in which you can answer the age-old question of if your tree is healthy coming out of winter. Take advantage of our tips below and let us help you with any spring tree trimming!

Close up of tree trunk

Trunk & Bark

Your own powers of observation are critical when it comes to figuring out “is my tree healthy?” The best place to start is taking an in-depth look at your tree’s trunk and bark, looking for any common signs of distress. Keep an eye out for any sort of cracks or cavities developing inside the trunk; if the bark itself appears to be “peeling off,” or if you can start to see a hole developing inside the trunk, it can be a sign of an unhealthy tree. At Apex Tree Experts in Gig Harbor, WA, we know that if the bark appears to be “loose” or is easily falling off the tree, it can indicate weakness and be an early warning sign of more future problems. Also note if you see any large amount of dead wood or growing of mushrooms and fungus, and get in touch with Apex Tree Experts for advice on how to save your tree!

Close up of pine tree branch


If you’re not sure if the trunk is showing signs of being unhealthy, and it’s nearly the time of year for spring tree trimming, it’s time to look closely at the branches. The most obvious way to answer “is my tree healthy?” is to see if three are any broken, dangling, or cracked branches that are not being properly supported; this can indicate weaknesses and can be a sign of branches dying. Dying branches are a common issue with unhealthy trees. However, it’s important to note that dead branches are inevitable in the tree life cycle, but multiple dead branches should be taken very seriously. It’s also possible for the bark on the branches to be cracked, start falling off, and to start growing fungus — all of which should be reasons to call Apex Tree Experts and suspect more is needed than just routine spring tree trimming.

Close up of leaves with sun shining through


As the Pacific Northwest enters the height of the spring season, it’s natural for your trees to develop lots of foliage before all the leaves eventually fall during autumn. Apex Tree Experts recommends closely inspecting the foliage itself and looking for uneven coloring, identifying areas of slow growth, and identifying areas of potential insect damage. Each of these can potentially answer “is my tree healthy?” with the resounding answer of “no, not exactly.” Pay attention to when your tree regrows foliage after winter; if it enters August and does not have any leaves, reach out to Apex Tree Experts as soon as possible. Aside from providing spring tree trimming and routine pruning services to Gig Harbor, WA homeowners, we can also help you determine for sure if you should be seeking treatment for your unhealthy trees.

Tree roots growing visibly on the ground


The final area of a tree that could help you determine “is my tree healthy” or not is the roots. Take a look at the base of your tree and look for any signs of mushrooms growing; the growth of fungus and mushrooms can point to significant root rot and an overall decaying base. Additionally, if you notice the roots are “separating” from or “lifting” out of the ground — as opposed to being firmly planted under the grass and dirt — it could be that the tree is destabilized and needs to be treated with advice from Apex Tree Experts. Should there be any cracked or raised soil on one side of the tree’s base, this can be an early sign of leaning and overall structural weakness. Manage all your spring tree trimming needs with us and let us help you keep the most important aspect of your plant healthy — its roots.

If after inspecting all areas of your tree you’re still unsure if it’s healthy, reach out to Apex Tree Experts in Gig Harbor, WA so we can help you know for sure! Identifying the early signs of damage and rot is critical to saving the life of your tree and ensuring it survived the previous winter. Let our experts handle all your questions and spring tree trimming or pruning needs to prevent further unnecessary damage! Follow the steps laid out above to answer “is my tree healthy” and let us help you take action if it starts showing signs of being unhealthy and dying. Browse our website for more advice on taking care of your property’s trees and for what to do if your tree is dead or dying. Reach out to us today!