Chainsaw cutting log.

Tree Removal & Pruning Services Articles

April 4, 2019

Apex Tree Experts has three FREE ebooks for you: Basic Wind and Winter Storm Emergency Preparedness, Tree Removal Explained, and The Basics of Pruning.

The ebook Basic Wind and Winter Storm Emergency Preparedness has information about what preparations you can make to protect your family and your home in case of severe winter storms (before, during, and afterwards). This ebook also has information for businesses as well as suggestions for a Business Continuity Plan to help organizations plan for business and commerce disruptions because of severe weather conditions and their aftermath.

The Basics of Pruning has four articles about the need for pruning and contains information on when and how to prune.

The third book from Apex Tree Experts, Tree Removal Explained has eight articles about the reasons behind tree removal.

You can view these ebooks on your computer, save them to your hard drive and even copy them and share them with friends. If you have any questions or for more information about how we can help you, email or our call (253) 227-9775.

Below is a video of a damaged fruit tree being cut down before it fell down and caused damage: