Gig Harbor Tree Trimming — Why You Might Need Our Tree Trimming Services

July 15, 2019

If there is one thing that we can say about the Gig Harbor area, it is that there are a lot of trees. In fact, if you are a property owner, you’ve likely have a number of different species growing on your property — and being that we are in the Pacific Northwest, they are likely extremely thick. 

Because of the quick tree growth that we see in the Gig Harbor area, it is important for you, as a property owner, to spend some time and energy caring for the trees on your property. That being said, tree care often requires specialized tools and experience — and that is where we come in.

At Apex Tree Experts, we provide a number of tree care services to the greater Tacoma area. Of those tree services, tree trimming and pruning is one of the most important services that we offer. But how can this service benefit you and your property?

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One of the most common reasons that people consider tree trimming and pruning is to keep their yard maintained and beautiful. If a tree begins to grow wildly or if branches on a tree die, it can take away from the aesthetic value of your home or business. Luckily, a simple call to our tree services team can make your yard look great again. 

Healthy Growth

When people think of trimming and pruning, they typically don’t associate it with growth — and that is totally understandable. While the act of trimming and pruning actively removes past tree growth, it also allows for the healthy development of new growth. When done correctly, pruning and trimming can lead to healthier stem growth and stronger root systems. 

Fruit Production

Do you have a fruit tree in your yard? If so, you might want to consider our tree trimming services! By removing dead limbs and limbs that have been diseased or infected, our team of tree care professionals can help to promote healthier fruit growth and increased fruit production. 

Reduced Danger

While having a beautiful yard is important to some, having a safe yard is important to everyone. Whether you own a business or a residential property here in Gig Harbor, it is in your best interest to have damaged trees and limbs removed before they become a fall risk and a potential danger to others. 

Reduce Disease

Like people, trees can also contract potentially lethal diseases. While there are a number of different diseases, like the ones found in this past blog of ours, a great majority of diseases can be removed from trees before they damage the tree — a service that our team is proficient in.

View Improvement

Do you want a beautiful view of the harbor or Mount Rainier? Well, for some properties doing so is as easy as trimming and pruning the trees. People often think of pruning and trimming as a way to shape a tree, when in reality, it can become a way to thin the tree’s foliage, remove the understory, and more. 

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