5 Spring Tree Care Tips

March 19, 2021

Spring is finally here! You may have already started to see buds on trees and flowers blooming in the yard. Spring is an exciting time of year, but it usually means there is quite a bit of yard work to do, including cleaning up any debris that accumulated during the winter and tending to young trees.

A harsh winter can cause a lot of damage to trees and put it at risk of disease. If you want healthy, beautiful trees in your yard, now is the time to make sure that they made it through the winter and can have a successful growing season in the spring and summer.

How to Care For Your Trees in the Spring

Inspect For Signs of Trouble

It will always be beneficial to have a professional tree service come out to look at your trees, but if you’re simply walking around the yard and want to take a look at your trees, here are some things to keep an eye out for.

  • Dead branches throughout the tree
  • Cracks or creases in the bark
  • Insect droppings, webs, holes in the leaves, or lumps on the stems
  • Pale, mottled, or discolored leaves
  • The trunk doesn’t taper outward toward the ground


Even when there is a considerable amount of precipitation in the winter, if the ground is frozen, the water will simply run off and won’t reach the roots. As the earth warms up and the soil thaws, it’s a great time to hydrate the roots, which will ensure strong growth in the coming months. If you’re not sure how much to water or how frequently, just call your local Tacoma tree care company.


We can’t say enough about the importance of mulch. Whether you use a store-bought formula or gathered your own wood chips and other organic materials, a layer of mulch can help retain moisture and protect the trunk and roots. Make sure the layer isn’t more than three inches deep, it should be about two to three times the diameter of the crown, and make sure the mulch doesn’t touch the trunk.


A small amount of pruning in the spring can help the tree maintain a healthy structure as it grows in the summer. But don’t wait too long to prune, as the best time to do this is when the tree is dormant. This will ensure that there is a lower risk of damaging the tree. Remove any dead or diseased branches, and make small cuts to branches that could affect the structure of the tree.


Restoring and providing additional nutrients to the soil and roots can really help the tree thrive in the spring and summer. Add a small amount of nitrogen to the soil; the amount of nitrogen will depend on how large the tree is and the pH balance of the soil. Contact a tree care specialist to determine the best fertilization methods for your tree.

Contact Apex Tree Experts in Tacoma

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