Four Signs Your Trees Need Trimming

November 3, 2020

Fall is in full swing! The Tacoma area is bright with oranges, yellows, and reds, and the cool air is fresh and crisp. As the leaves turn colors and begin to fall off the tree, it’s one of the signs that it’s time for fall maintenance. Trees go dormant in the late fall and winter, so if there are trees in your yard that need trimming, now is the time. However, it can be difficult to know if a tree really needs to be trimmed, or if it could wait until next year. As beneficial as tree trimming can be, doing it when it’s not necessary can be harmful to the tree.

Here Are Four Signs You Need to Schedule a Tree Trimming

It’s a Young Tree

If you planted a tree two or three years ago, it may be time to inspect the limbs and possibly trim a few of them. Starting the tree trimming process early in the tree’s life can help ensure that it grows properly. A tree should have a solid dominant trunk and limbs that are spaced evenly around the entire tree. When there are codominant trunks, it affects the overall shape of the tree as well as the safety of the limbs as they grow larger and heavier. Trimming when a tree is young will help it develop into a sturdy, beautifully shaped tree.

Restrict Overgrowth

If you live in a residential area, if the tree is near a fence, or the crown is overcrowding other plant life, it’s time to schedule a tree trimming. Overgrowth can cause electrical problems when the branches are too close to power lines, trees can grow into fences, which can be problematic if the fence is along a border, and overgrowth can damage nearby plant life. With some minor trimming, overgrowth can be managed and the tree will be healthier in the long run.

Check For Signs of Disease

If there are signs of disease, it needs to be mitigated as quickly as possible. Signs of disease include discoloration, premature falling, and fungal growth, which could look like powdery mildew on leaves. If the diseased branches aren’t cut off, the disease could spread to neighboring trees and the tree’s branches could become dangerous. The tree may also need to be treated with a fungicide in addition to trimming some branches.

Too Much Shade

There are a variety of benefits of shade trees, such as how they help keep your home cool, provide a home for wildlife, and keep back harsh wind and rain. However, when a tree’s crown has become too thick, it can provide too much shade. This will prevent the sun from being able to reach the inner branches as well as flowers and foliage on the ground below. Clearing away some of the higher branches can allow sunlight to permeate the remaining branches.

Tree trimming can be done by homeowners, but it’s highly recommended that a professional tree service complete the job. At Apex Tree Experts in Gig Harbor, we are passionate about keeping trees healthy, safe, and looking their best. If trees in your yard haven’t been trimmed in a few years, get in touch with our team today.