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7 Reasons To Consider Removing A Tree On Your Tacoma Property

June 4, 2019

As a company that serves the Tacoma, Washington area with tree trimming, tree removal, and stump removal, we get a lot of questions from property owners in regard to their trees — but the most common questions that we are asked is “how do I know if I need to remove a tree?”

When it comes to tree removal, people are often times hesitant. For some, they are unsure if the tree truly poses a threat to their home or business. For others, they are unsure if the removal of the tree will have a positive or negative impact on the value of their property.

While tree removal might seem like a black and white topic, it is not. There are actually a great number of reasons that removing a tree might be in your best interest — and in today’s blog post we are going to discuss a few of the obvious reasons that you might remove a tree, as well as a few of the less obvious reasons that you might want to consider tree removal.

Obvious Reasons For Tree Removal

The Tree Is Dead

One of the most obvious reasons to contact your local Tacoma tree removal specialist, here at Apex Tree Experts, is that you have a dead tree in your yard. Now, not all dead trees need to be removed. If there is a tree that is located on a part of your property that is low traffic, it can be left standing — after all, dead trees are a great habitat for animals and insects. However, if a dead tree is extremely tall, or located in close proximity to your building or a heavily trafficked area, it might be in your best interest to have it removed before it falls.

The Tree Is Growing Too Close To Your Structure

Whether it be a home, a commercial property, or a barn, it is important to consult a tree removal specialist if the tree is encroaching on your building. Having trees in close proximity to your building can cause a fall risk in high-intensity storms and require you to pay for frequent and unnecessary tree trimming.

The Tree Drops Unpleasant Debris

While most people think of trees potentially falling as a reason for removing a tree, sometimes it can be the things that fall from the tree itself that mandate the removal of the tree. For example, some trees, conifers in particular, drip sticky sap, drop heavy cones, and drop an excess of leaves that can be a nuisance below. Removing the tree, or even a small part of the tree, can help those walking beneath it stay clean and safe.

The Tree Is Blocking Your View

Here in Tacoma, we are lucky to have some pretty amazing views. Whether you live on the east side of town and have a view of Mt. Rainier or west side of town looking over Puget Sound, your view can be inhibited by the presence of a large tree. By trimming the tree or removing the tree, you can get an unrestricted view.

Not So Obvious Reasons To Remove A Tree

While there are plenty of obvious reasons that you might consider tree removal in Tacoma, there are also plenty of reasons that a tree should be removed that are not as easily seen. Because of this, it can be beneficial to have a tree removal specialist, such as ourselves, visit your property to help you determine if tree removal would be beneficial or not.

Interior Decay

To the untrained eye, a tree that is riddled with interior decay might pass as a perfectly healthy tree. To an arborist, however, interior decay is usually pretty apparent and can be confirmed with a basic inspection. Having trees on your property with internal decay can create an unnecessary fall risk and put people and infrastructure in danger.

The Tree Is Diseased Or Infested

Another not so obvious reason that you might need to remove a tree is that it is suffering from a debilitating disease or it is infected by harmful insects. Trees, here in the Tacoma area, are extremely prone to diseases like Slime Flux and infestation from aphids, mealybugs, borers, and leaf beetles. If the disease or infestation goes unchecked, it can cause the tree to be a fall risk or infect other trees nearby.

Your Property Is Crowded

When it comes to tree removal, people hardly think that having too many trees on their property would be a cause for it. In fact, people generally think that more trees lead to a healthier yard when in reality overcrowding can be a hindrance to the health of all of your trees. By scheduling a consultation with a Tacoma tree removal specialist, you can get a better idea of what trees should be removed to make room for the healthy growth of other trees on your property.

Contact Your Local Tacoma Tree Experts For A Free Tree Removal Quote

If you have a tree on your property that you think needs removal, heck, even if you simply suspect that tree removal might be a viable option, we urge you to reach out to our team to schedule a consultation and quote. Upon doing so, a member of our team will visit your property and assess whether the tree truly needs to be removed or not.

Do you have any questions about our tree removal services? If so, simply contact us today and ask. We look forward to working with you!

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