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Summer in Washington is a beautiful time of year. Everything is green, flowers are in bloom, the sun shows itself more often than not, and everything in nature blooms with life. It’s a wonderful time of year to get out and explore the beauty that Washington state affords.

Summer is a busy time of year for our tree service company, Apex Tree Experts. Serving Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and Lakewood, we offer superior tree services, including tree trimming, tree stump removal and grinding, and tree and hedge pruning and trimming. We have decades of experience of offering you affordable tree services. Below, we’ll offer up some tips for summer tree care. Call our arborists today!


Add in Mulch

Mulch is organic matter that is made from various natural materials, such as leaves, grass clippings, peat moss, bark chips, and more, that is laid over trees, flowers, and plants, in order to protect and nurture the roots. Mulch also serves to lock in moisture, which is important in the hot summer months in Tacoma, and it cuts down on weeds, which compete with trees for water. Trees can become dehydrated, especially during times of drought, so you want to protect them from the heat and water loss. For optimal results, have a nice circle around your tree about three to four inches deep. Do not put mulch directly against the tree trunk, as this can cause disease and invite unwelcome insect pests to make a home.


The spring and summer months are great times to fertilize your trees. Many people don’t think their trees need fertilizer, but they are living organisms, too, just like your flowers and yard that you fertilize. Fertilizer gives your trees the boost they need to grow their leaves, make food, and fight off any attacking pests or diseases.

Prune When Necessary

Tree pruning is about much more than keeping your trees looking beautiful. Tree pruning keeps your trees healthy and strong, and while most species of trees benefit from pruning in the winter, flowering trees do well when pruned in the early summer months. However, anytime you see dead branches, they need to be pruned as soon as possible, no matter the time of year. Dead branches attract harmful insects that then invade the rest of your tree. They also can become a fungal problem. Also, if you notice a branch that is dying, the tree itself may not recognize it’s dying. Thus, it is still pumping the branch full of vital nutrients in a fruitless effort to save it, which is causing other parts of the tree to go without.

Water Your Trees

Trees need water, sunlight, and air to survive. While well-established trees can survive without extra moisture, extra water never hurts. A tree won’t take in more than it needs, so you don’t have to worry about drowning it either. If it is a particularly hot or dry summer, consider watering your trees extra. If your trees are younger, you most definitely need to be watering on a consistent basis in order to ensure your tree survives.

Be On the Lookout for Pests

Pests can be super harmful to your trees. Not only can they stress your tree, but many can kill your tree. Here in Washington state and the Tacoma area, we have lace bugs that suck leaf sap, as well as mites that attack tree leaves and shrubs. Tent caterpillars can destroy a tree’s leaves, as well as the root weevil that eats leaves. The Cherry Tortrix is a moth that lays eggs on Cherry trees and some other varieties of trees and shrubs. The larvae bore into the trunks and crotch of trees and feed on the Cambium layer of the tree, which prevents sap from flowing to the tree’s branches. This can cause rotting limb and extensive tree damage, as well as the death of the tree if they are not stopped.


Apex Tree Experts offers the best tree services in Tacoma, Lakewood, and Gig Harbor. As a family-owned business, we put customer care first, ensuring we go above and beyond for your tree service needs. Whether you need your trees trimmed or you need stump removal, we can help. We also offer great mulch products for your use. We recycle the trees and branches that we cut into mulch, when then serve to help other trees stay healthy and grow strong.

Our tree service company is also here to answer your tree questions, such as if your dead tree needs to be removed or even what kind of trees to plant. We are passionate about trees and what they do for you, your family, and for all of us. Call us today for a free tree service estimate!