Tree that has been removed.

As a homeowner, you become the steward to your own little chunk of land — taking care of it as John Muir looked after and managed the western United States over a century ago. Now, your little chunk of land might be under an acre if you live within Tacoma city limits, but nonetheless, it is your land to manage. Right?

While you might take great pride in your beautiful lawn with a small water feature that you manage to take care of all by yourself, it might not be the best thing to approach removing a large tree in the same way. In fact, tree removal should almost always be left to the professionals. 

At Apex Tree Experts, we know a thing or two about tree removal. We are trained in how to do it safely, we invest in the proper tools and safety equipment, and we have extensive experience removing trees in the Pacific Northwest. That said, even though our tree removal team has removed trees hundreds of times, we still approach each and every job with caution — because tree removal can be dangerous. 

So why should you always contact your local tree service professionals for tree removal services? Continue reading to find out. 

Tree Removal Professionals Are Trained

Safe tree work requires an extensive knowledge of tree biology and physics — something that takes years to acquire and refine. When removing a tree, it is important that you are able to diagnose why the tree needs to be removed and it is important to understand how the tree will fall when you begin cutting it. 

Unlike cartoons, you can’t simply take an axe to the trunk and start chopping until the tree tips over and falls. Instead, you have to scale the tree, delimb the tree, top the tree, and fall the tree carefully and accurately. 

As tree care professionals, our team has the training and knowledge to assess the situation of a tree that needs to be removed and systematically remove it. Something most homeowners do not have the training, tools, or knowledge to do so safely.

Tree Removal Professionals Have Heightened Situational Awareness

While you might consider yourself to be crafty, there are plenty of variables that can cause injury or death when removing a tree alone. In fact, even the most knowledgeable homeowner might fall victim to unforeseen circumstances. 

When you are removing a tree, you have to think about the tree-related variables that could cause you harm. Falling branches, the trunk fall path, and highly-strained shallow roots can all cause injury or death in a matter of milliseconds. That said, while you are busy worrying about the tree, you might forget to worry about the powerline that the tree is near or the weight-loaded branches of other trees in the area.  

Situational awareness is an incredibly important skill when attempting to remove a tree. While you might feel prepared, devoting your focus to one variable might prevent you from thinking about three others. Because of this, it is important to contact someone who has extensive knowledge and situational awareness when removing a tree — someone like a tree care service provider. 

Tree Removal Professionals Have Experience With Proper Tools

While some might think that a tree care professional is only as good as the quality of their tools. In reality, a tree care professional is only as good as their knowledge of operating said tools safely and efficiently.

Chainsaws, chippers, ladders, and other common tools all seem relatively easy to use. That said, unless you use them often, you might not be prepared for the dangers that they can pose. Chippers are known to catch limbs that have been entwined in branches being fed into the machine, chainsaws are known to kick back when not properly sharpened, and ladders can tip over after the smallest shift in weight. In fact, all three of these tools are known to cause fatalities each year. 

A professional tree removal specialist at Apex Tree Experts works with a ladder, chainsaw, and chipper almost daily — meaning that our familiarity and experience with the tools significantly minimize risk. So why risk your wellbeing when you can simply call the pros?

A Look at 2018 — Homeowner Tree Care Accidents

If the three points that we have outlined above do not convince you how important it is to hire tree care professionals, maybe this will. In a 2018 analysis of 62 tree care-related accidents conducted by the Tree Care Industry Association, it was found that of the 62 accidents, 41 were fatal. Based on this sample size, that means that 66% of homeowner tree care accidents were fatal. For more information on the 2018 accident analysis, click here

While tree care-related accidents might not be common, when they do happen there is a serious risk of bodily harm or death. So why risk it?

What Can You Do?

Find a professional like your local tree removal experts at Apex Tree Experts. Rather than risking your life and limb, simply schedule an appointment with professionals that have the tools, knowledge, and experience to safely and efficiently remove your problem tree. 

Are you unsure of whether or not you even need to remove a tree on your property? We can help with that too. Contact us today at Apex Tree Experts to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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