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Dead Trees Don’t Always Have to be Removed

Apex Tree Experts can help you with dead trees that are present on your commercial or residential property. While peoples’ first thought is usually “I need to call a tree services company!”, dead trees don’t always have to be cut down or removed. In fact, sometimes dead trees can be beneficial to a property. If you’re not sure what to do with a dead tree on your property, contact the team at Apex Tree Experts. We would be happy to assess the condition of the tree and offer a few options.


Reasons to Remove a Tree

  • Replacing it with a more suitable specimen.
  • It’s causing an obstruction impossible to correct through pruning.
  • It’s crowding or harming other trees.
  • To make room for new construction.
  • It’s hazardous.

Reasons to Keep a Dead Tree

  • It has a beehive.
  • It’s a home or perch for birds.
  • It’s a nice addition to the landscape or garden.
  • The tree is a habitat for insects.
  • The tree holds memories of the past.

Tree Care & Removal Services in the Greater Tacoma Area
If you have a beautiful, but dead tree in a pasture or meadow and you simply like the look of it, then don’t be too hasty. As long as it is not threatening a structure where it could cause damage, a dead tree can be left alone.

That being said, you should have the tree checked out by your local Tacoma tree services provider to make sure that there is no disease within the tree that could spread. Also, our team here at Apex Tree Experts can assess the likelihood of a fall.

You have to weigh the benefits provided by the dead tree versus the removal of the dead tree. A tree that is home to bees or birds can be a nice addition to your home or landscaped yard.

Even if your tree services provider determines that a dead tree should come down, that doesn’t mean it has to be removed. An option would be to incorporate the trunk into your yard as both art and furniture. Just like you would both admire driftwood at the ocean or use it to sit on, dead trees can maintain a peaceful and pleasant feeling. Also, if the tree holds fond memories and you want to keep it around, there are ways that can be handled as well. The tree trunk can be cut into tree rounds giving you a garden path offering memories of days past. Or pieces of the tree can be cut to form flower pots and containers.

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We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about tree removal services or other tree services. If you would like, you can send us a picture of what you consider a tree problem. We’ll get back to you with our opinion.

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