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Need help removing a tree? Leave it to the experts at Apex Tree Experts. We are dedicated to providing professional tree removals and other tree services. Proudly serving Tacoma, Washington and the greater area of the Pacific Northwest, Apex Tree Experts is the premier tree service company for all your tree removal needs. If you are a resident of Tacoma, Washington, and need professional tree removal services, contact us today!

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Our Tree Removal Services

As established tree experts since 2005, our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to tackle any tree removal request. Our tree specialists will visit your Tacoma property to evaluate your problem tree and create a tailored plan of action to maintain the aesthetics of your existing landscape. During this thorough inspection, we may recommend pruning, shaping, or full removal depending on the situation and your desired outcome.

Signs It May Be Time For Tree Removal

Unlike popular belief, tree removal is not only for dead trees. There are several reasons why tree removal may be necessary for your property. The most common reason is when a tree becomes a safety hazard and liability for your property. Some signs you may need a tree removal can include:

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Disease or Decay:

Trees can become diseased or decayed, weakening their structure and making them more likely to fall or make your other healthy trees get infected.

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Storm Damage:

Severe weather, such as strong winds or heavy snow, can cause trees to break or become uprooted.

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If your property has too many trees in a small space, they may compete for resources and become weak or unstable.

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Structural Issues:

Trees with structural issues, such as a leaning trunk or weak branches, can pose a risk to your property and those around it.

Why Choose Apex Tree Experts For Tree Removal

While removing a tree may seem like a simple task, it can quickly become a hazardous and complicated job. Tree removal requires specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience for safe removal. Hiring tree experts will minimize damage to your property and protect yourself from injury. 

Safety is our top priority at Apex Tree Experts, as we are licensed, insured, bonded, and a member of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. Our arborists are trained in the latest tree removal techniques and follow all safety protocols to ensure a smooth and accident-free job. With state-of-the-art equipment and our highly-trained professionals, we will carry out your tree removal job safely and efficiently.

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Professional Techniques For Pristine Removal

At Apex Tree Experts, we will go the extra mile to leave your Tacoma property looking better than ever. After removal, our team will take care of the clean-up, leaving your property neat. We can also advise you on the best course of action for replacing the removed tree with a new one.

Leave tree care to the experts. Contact our team at Apex Tree Experts for all your tree removal needs in Tacoma!

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