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Trees, hedges, and other foliage provide an essential service and enhance the aesthetics of any landscape. But trees and foliage need regular maintenance in order to grow sturdy, healthy, and to prevent potential damage that can be caused by storms. From hedge trimming to tree removal and stump grinding, whatever tree services you need, you can count on the experienced technicians at Apex Tree Experts. We offer professional and reliable services throughout the Tacoma, Washington area. Give our team a call today to schedule an appointment.


Tree care is often seen as a DIY project — how hard is it to cut a tree branch? But the truth is that trees are living things that need professional care; maintaining trees also requires professional equipment in order for the job to be done safely. At Apex Tree Experts, we have been providing Tacoma with exceptional tree care since 2006 and we can assure you that will provide superior service that protects the health and safety of your trees.

Here’s some basic information about our services:

Tree Removal

In the event that a tree has become a hazard or if it has simply died, it may be the best solution to have it removed. Having a tree removed is best left to the professionals at Apex Tree Experts. We have the proper equipment and experience to ensure that the job is done safely.

Hedge & Tree Pruning

An overgrown hedge can have a significant negative impact on the aesthetics of your landscape. Our tree care technicians are highly skilled and have a strong attention to detail to ensure that hedges in your yard are perfectly pruned.

Tree Trimming

Trees need regular trimming starting from a young age to ensure that they grow into an ideal shape and the structure of the tree is sound. Our team understands proper tree trimming techniques and will work to help prevent future issues, keep the tree looking it best, and will ensure optimal growth.

Stump Grinding

The remaining stump after a tree is removed can be an unsightly part of your landscape. Apex Tree Experts offers stump removal to give you an open and beautiful yard. We will remove enough of the roots to prevent future regrowth as well.

Give your trees and hedges the maintenance and care they deserve. Contact the team at Apex Tree Experts in Tacoma today.

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