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Trees provide exceptional beauty to our world, and they serve an essential service. But they require regular maintenance to ensure that they are growing properly and to prevent damage that can occur due to storms or falling limbs. Tree care can also go a long way in creating a beautiful and manicured landscape. Whatever your needs are, you can trust the technicians at Apex Tree Experts. We provide exceptional service to the communities and businesses of Lakewood. Get in touch with our team today to schedule an estimate.


It’s common for home and business owners to not think about the trees that surround their property. That is, until a heavy storm comes through that could cause limbs to fall on a roof or a customer’s car in the parking lot. At Apex Tree Experts, we think about trees, their health, and the potential impact they could have all the time. If you’re looking for dedicated tree service professionals, contact us.

Here’s some more information about our Lakewood services.

Tree Removal

If a tree is posing a threat or has reached the end of its life, removing it may be the best option. Our team has years of experience and professional equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Hedge & Tree Pruning

Outgrown trees and hedges can create an eyesore for any landscape. Apex Tree Experts have keen attention to detail and will get your tees and hedges looking their best in no time, helping to enhance the overall curb appeal.

Tree Trimming

From a young age and into maturity, trees need to be trimmed regularly to ensure that the structure is sound and that it’s growing into an ideal shape. Trimming may also be necessary when limbs are too close to a property or power lines. We will examine the shape and structure of your trees and trim as needed to protect the health and safety of the tree and its surroundings.

Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed, the remaining stump is often an unsightly feature of your lawn. To free up lawn space and improve aesthetics, we offer stump grinding and will remove enough root structure to ensure that any regrowth is prevented.

If you’re in need of any tree care services for your Lakewood home or business, get in touch with the technicians at Apex Tree Experts.

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