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Common Things That Kill Trees

May 12, 2023

As a property owner, you know that caring for the plant life on your property means more than just watering and mowing the lawn when necessary. Caring for your trees is a crucial part of keeping your yard’s environment welcoming, healthy, and safe. At Apex Tree Experts, our team is committed to helping home and property owners like you keep your trees healthy and happy for longer, so keep reading to learn about the things that may kill your trees and lead to removal. 

Over-Pruning or Trimming

One of the most common reasons a tree can die is from over-pruning or over-trimming. Remember that trees, though hardy and large, are still affected by shock, lack of leaves and branches, and other side effects of over-trimming. Keep your trees healthy and thriving by calling Apex Tree Experts for tree trimming so your trees stay healthy for years to come!

Incorrect Fertilization

Getting the wrong amount of nutrients or the wrong nutrients in general is harmful to just about any organism, and trees are no exception. Trees can be killed by over-fertilizing, under-fertilizing, or using the wrong type of fertilizer to nourish them, so it’s best to do your research before fertilizing or simply call the experts to take care of it for you!

Root Damage

The roots are the most important part of a tree’s ability to find nutrients, find stability, and ensure growth, so it makes sense that damage to the roots can potentially kill trees. Root damage can occur when the roots rot from too much water in the soil, when roots are cut (i.e. if you’re digging near the tree and slice through roots with a shovel), or when they’re chemically damaged through fertilizer, pesticides, or environmental contaminants. Keep your tree’s roots healthy and thriving by making sure you provide ample space around the base for roots to grow and keep an eye out for shallow roots or exposed roots when gardening around your tree.

Infections and Insects

Certain types of trees are also susceptible to bugs or diseases. Beetles that bore into the bark and trunk of trees are particularly harmful and can kill off multiple trees on your property. Diseases are also potentially devastating, especially if you have multiple of the same type of tree on your property. If your tree has insects that are affecting its growth, symptoms you’ll notice include exit holes in the bark or branches, small piles of sawdust-like material around the tree, splitting bark, and a dying canopy. If your tree seems to be struggling with putting out leaves, has branches that are visibly struggling, or the leaves are discolored, your tree may have a disease. 

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